Riga Cup 2019 U-12

Riga Cup 2019 winter

U-12 (born after 01.01.2007)

22.02. – 24.02.2019.

Arrival day: 21.02.2019

Tournament is closed: at 14:00 on 24.02.2019

Game format: 11 vs. 11

Number of games: 5 games

Game duration: 2 x 25 minutes

Ball size: No.4

Substitutions: Unlimited

Rules and regulations: http://www.rigacup.lv/winter/rules/


1 2 3 4 5 6 Points Goals Place
Zenit сшор [A1_2] [A1_3] [A1_4] [A1_5] [A1_6] [A1p] [A1g]


Birmingham City [A2_1] [A2_3] [A2_4] [A2_5] [A2_6] [A2p] [A2g]


FS Metta [A3_1] [A3_2] [A3_4] [A3_5] [A3_6] [A3p] [A3g]


SK Super Nova [A4_1] [A4_2] [A4_3] [A4_5] [A4_6] [A4p] [A4g]


Riga FC [A5_1] [A5_2] [A5_3] [A5_4]

[A5_6] [A5p] [A5g]


Skonto Academy [A6_1] [A6_2] [A6_3] [A6_4] [A6_5] [A6p] [A6g]


Tournament schedule

Friday 22.02.2019

Skonto Hall

Emiļa Melngaiļa iela 1A

10:30 Skonto Academy [SP1] Birmingham City
11:30 FS Metta [SP2] Zenit сшор
12:30 SK Super Nova [SP3] Riga FC
13:30 Birmingham City [SP4] Zenit сшор
14:30 Skonto Academy [SP5] SK Super Nova
15:30 Riga FC [SP6] FS Metta

Saturday 23.02.2019

10:00 SK Super Nova [SS1] FS Metta
11:00 Riga FC [SS2] Birmingham City
12:00 Skonto Academy [SS3] Zenit сшор
16:00 Birmingham City [SS4] SK Super Nova
17:00 FS Metta [SS5] Skonto Academy
18:00 Zenit сшор [SS6] Riga FC

Sunday 24.02.2019

9:00 Riga FC [SSv1] Skonto Academy
10:00 SK Super Nova [SSv2] Zenit сшор
11:00 Birmingham City [SSv3] FS Metta