Riga Cup 2019 winter

U-13 (born after 01.01.2006)

18.01. – 20.01.2019.

Arrival day: 17.01.2019

Tournament is closed: at 14:00 on 20.01.2019

Game format: 11 vs. 11

Number of games: 5 games

Game duration: 2 x 25 minutes

Ball size: No.4

Substitutions: Unlimited

Rules and regulations: http://www.rigacup.lv/winter/rules/


Country flag Club logo Club name  Registered Participation fee
Zenit сшор
Crystal Palace


FC Espoo


Käpylän Pallo


Birmingham City FC



Skonto Academy


 Ado Den Haag


NF Academy West


NF Academy East


Rīgas FS




Jk Tallinna Kalev        (Estonia)

Bodø Glimt


 дюсш 2 Кромберг


 Tikkurilan Palloseura


FK Jelgava