Main Costs

Team Fee Price
U-13; U-14; U-15; U-16; U-17 440 €/team
U-12 280 €/team
What is included in accommodation fee?
Transfers from and to airport (or seaport, or train station)
Transfers from and to places where will be tournament held
3 nights in ****Hotel
Accommodation Fee Price
U-12; U-13; U-14; U-15; U-16; U-17 (each team has 2 single rooms for coaches) 270 €/person
For parents (single room, 3 nights and 9 meals) 300 €/person

Other Costs

Item Price
Extra meal 14 €/person
Extra bus transfer 180 €
Extra night (double room)*breakfast only 65 €/person
Extra night (single room) 100 €
Training field (half football field) 170 €/h
Late check-out till 17:00 30 €/room