Participation categories

Category A - School accommodation: Everyone staying at the school, players and leaders, has to pay the accommodation cost and participation fee. This cost is inclusive of Riga Card and 15 meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) starting with dinner on July 31th and ending with lunch on 05 of august. A minimum of two and maximum four leaders per team may stay at the school. You can rent mattresses and bedding from us to an additional cost. If you bring your own mattress it can not be wider than 75 cm. We urge all participants and leaders to never leave valuables or money unattended at the school. Read more about staying at a school.

Category B - Hotel accommodation: Hotel booked through Riga Cup. All participants, players and leaders, has to pay the hotel cost and participant fee. The cost is inclusive of Riga Card and breakfast. Lunch and dinner vouchers for meals at a nearby school can be purchased at Riga Account.

Category C - Own accommodation: Teams arranging their own accommodation. All participants, players and leaders, has to pay the participant fee. The fee is inclusive of Riga Card. Lunch and dinner vouchers for meals at a nearby school can be purchased at Riga Account.

Who can participate?

All clubs, which are members of their FIFA affiliated national association, are welcome to participate in the Riga Cup. In countries where football is operated by the schools we also allow teams affiliated by their school football association. The tournament begins with a group play. Teams are divided into groups of four or five teams, where all teams are playing each other once. The first and second team of the group qualify for play-off A, other teams in the group qualify for play-off B. The tournament is played under all applicable FIFA or Latvian FA rules.

Number of teams in the tournament

8 teams in groups aged B13, B14, B15, B16 and G14; 16 teams in groups aged B09, B10, B11, B12; The teams that have registered and paid the registration fee has priority. Registration counts as the date we receive the registration fee.

When does the registration open?

The registration for Riga Cup 2023 opens on November 07th.

Which is the last date to register?

Deadline for making a registration is June 11th. Please note that teams who have registered and paid their registration fee first will be given priority when we reach the maximum number of teams in each groupe age and category (categories A, B and C).

Riga Card

The Riga Card is available to all players, leaders and accompanying families and friends who have booked accommodation within the Riga Cup and/or paid for participation. Accompanying families and friends who book accommodation on their own can purchase the Riga Card. If you book it through your team lead, you will get places with the team at the opening event and all other cultural events and so on. More information about the Riga Card will be provided by the team leader.

Leaders Card

Each team that has booked accommodation through Riga Cup receives two Leader Cards, giving entry to the Riga Leaders Party, entrance to Riga Leaders Lounge If you have more than two leaders you can purchase extra Riga Leader Card at Riga Account.


Return transfer between the airport, train station or ferry terminal in Riga and your accommodation is included in the accommodation cost. Note that there is only one return transfer per team/group included. The transfer is exclusively for teams, and NOT for accompanying families and friends. Transfer must be booked in advance at Riga Account and can only be booked for minimum 14 persons per group.

Special food

For persons with special food needs or allergies we are able to arrange this. If you wish to order vegetarian food the cost is 15 per person. Please note that we dont serve any dishes that contains nuts (including peanuts, almonds and sesame).

Extra nights for teams with school accommodation

If a team need to arrive or depart outside the tournament dates, 01- 05 August , a maximum two extra nights can be arranged to a cost of 20 per person for extra night. Please observe that no meals are served during the extra nights. All meals has to be arranged by the team and at the team's own expenses. Only one school is open before and after the tournament. The team will be moved to its regular school when the tournament start. If the extra night is after the tournament the team will be moved from its regular school to the specific school for extra nights.

Age control

All participants at Riga Cup must complete the age control to participate in the tournament. This is to make sure that all participants are eligible to participate in the age class they are enrolled in. Read more about the age control: Riga Cup Rules&Regulations 5 AGE CONTROL

Riga Line

Riga Line are buses that runs between schools and pitches where it's hard to travel with the local communications. Use the local communications where it's possible

Hotel bookings for families and friends

For accompanying families and friends we can help with booking hotel to reasonable prices. For more information and booking, contact us at summer@rigacup.lv

Important dates

  • 07 November : Registration opens.
  • 11 June : Registration closes.
  • 16 June : Last day to pay the team fee. Submission of an official participation list.
  • 21June : The last day to pay the participation or additional orders, such as additional Riga cards, additional leader cards, special food items, or mattresses. Also the deadline for canceling the number of players.
  • 31 July: last day for submitting the team list on the original form of the Riga Cup.
  • August 01: arrival day, no matches, age control day for visiting teams 13-16 and 14.
  • August 02: matches start and evening of coaches and team leaders.
  • August 03: Arrival, start of games and day of age control for teams 09-12 and 13. Festive Ceremony for all participants and representatives of the Riga Cup tournament at the Skonto stadium
  • August 05: Final games and departure day of the participants of the Riga Cup tournament.


In the half-time of the final B16 at the Skonto stadium, the winners and prize-winners of the A finals, participants of the B finals, C finals and D finals will receive specially designed cups and medals. Individual prizes will be given to the best player of each team.


The registration fee must be paid within seven days after the application is submitted and the invoice is issued. As soon as we receive payment of your registration fee, we will confirm your registration. The participation fee must be paid no later than June 21st. If the accommodation and/or participation fee is not paid within five days after the due date, Riga Cup has the right to cancel your registration without any right to a refund of the registration fee. Please refer to your booking confirmation for hotel accommodation. Please note that all bank transaction fees must be paid by the team. Please note that we do not accept any personal or corporate checks.


If you need to cancel your registration, please send an email to info@rigacup.lv and write down the team name and age. The team fee is non-refundable. In the event that a player or leader needs to cancel a booking, the cost of accommodation will only be refunded if the cancellation is made no later than June 21st. After 21 June, a doctor's note is required for a refund.

Accommodation booked through Riga Cup

We reserve us the right during the tournament when needed to move a team from their accommodation to be lodged in another accommodation and the right to dismiss a participant from Riga Cup accommodation if the participant commits criminal offense or at repeated occasions violates our rules. For teams with booked accommodation through Riga Cup the team manager as indicated on the participants list is responsible for the team's behavior.


The team manager in charge is obligated to ensure that all participants are insured on the pitch. Each participant is responsible for his/her personal insurance off the pitch. Participants from countries that have no medical insurance agreement with Latvian must have personal medical insurance. Neither Riga Cup nor the organizer has collective insurance to cover injuries, illness, theft or damages.

Cancelation of the tournament and force majeure

Neither Riga Cup nor the organizer is responsible for compensation and they are also not responsible for financial losses or damages that may occur due to events outside the control of Riga Cup or the organizer, such as war-like events, fire, flood, interruptions in public transport connections, government actions, strike or other similar circumstances.

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